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Michael Jordan On Who Would Take The Last Shot On 1992 Dream Team: “Me... That’s A Dumb Question.”

Michael Jordan On Who Would Take The Last Shot On The 1992 Dream Team: "Me. That's A Dumb Question, Me."

The 1992 Dream Team featured some of the greatest players in basketball history. Even though legends like Larry Bird and Magic Johnson were part of that team, the leader of the team was Michael Jordan, a recently crowned back-to-back NBA champion.

That team dominated in the 1992 Summer Olympics celebrated in Barcelona, Spain, trashing everybody on their way to the gold. It was hard to see another team taking the gold medal instead of the USA, but in the case that happened and the match was close, they only had to give the ball to Jordan and he'll take care of the rest.

A video surfaced showing a short conversation between Jordan and Ahmad Rashad, in which the later asks MJ who would take the last shot for the Dream Team if the game is on the line.

Rashad: “Game on the line, who would take the last shot?”

Jordan: “Me...That’s a dumb question.”

Jordan's answer was hilarious, but we're pretty sure if that was the case, nobody could get the ball out of his hands. He always showed up at those moments, either shooting the ball himself or finding an open teammate to make the shot. Either way, there is nobody better to have the ball in crunch time than Michael Jordan.