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Michael Jordan And Steve Kerr Reveal Details About Their Infamous Fight

Michael Jordan And Steve Kerr Reveal Details About Their Infamous Fight

'The Last Dance' will continue next Sunday with episodes 7 and 8, which will feature one of the most infamous moments in Michael Jordan's career with the Chicago Bulls. ESPN released a teaser of what we're going to see next Sunday and it's juicy. We're going to know more details about the brawl starred by Michael Jordan and Steve Kerr during a Bulls practice in 1995.

In the video, you can see Jordan explaining what happened and how he was trying to 'help' the team by getting more physical against his teammate.

"So one day at practice, Phil [Jackson] puts Steve Kerr guarding me," Jordan said.

"We're on opposite sides of the scrimmage, and he's talking all kinds of trash, and I'm pissed because we're getting our ass kicked," Kerr retorted.

"Phil sensed my aggression, but he was trying to tone me down, and he starts calling these ticky-tack fouls," Jordan said. "Now I'm getting mad, because for you to be protecting this guy, that's not going to help us when we play New York. That's not going to help us when we play these teams that are very physical.

"The next time he did it, I just haul off on Kerr. When I foul Steve Kerr, I said, 'Now, that's a f-----g foul.' "

Kerr knew how hard Jordan could be on his teammates, but he wasn't intimidated and had no intention of backing down against Jordan's provocations.

"I have a lot of patience as a human being, but I tend to snap at some point because I'm extremely competitive, too," Kerr said. "I'm just not really good enough to back it up, usually. But I'm going to fight."

At some point, he couldn't take any more from Jordan and hit him in the chest, with Jordan responding with a punch to his eye.

"He hauls off and hits me in the chest, and I just haul off and hit him right in the f-----g eye," Jordan said. "And Phil just throws me out of practice."

Kerr has said he believes that fight actually helped his relationship with Jordan, as His Airness trusted him more after that incident. We're already pumped with this preview and can't wait until next Sunday to discover more details about MJ and his tenure with the Chicago Bulls.