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Michael Jordan Spotted With Lakers And Celtics Governors Jeanie Buss, Emilia Fazzalari, And Wyc Grousbeck During Cincoro Gold Launch: "Lakers And Celtics Can Get Along."

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After his retirement, Michael Jordan has been part of many different business ventures. He is the current governor of the Charlotte Hornets and also founded the tequila brand Cincoro.

Michael Jordan's Cincoro tequila brand is generally highly regarded. An alcohol expert previously offered positive comments about Michael Jordan's tequila, saying that he was "pleasantly surprised".

Good news there: One sip of Cincoro’s añejo tequila and I was pleasantly surprised. The aroma is subtle but conjures notes of vanilla, caramel, and dried fruit upon an initial sniff. From there, the taste itself is sweet, but not in a way that’s overpoweringly so. Cinnamon and dark chocolate notes swirl around your palate before finishing extremely smooth with almost no bite.

Some of the other founders of Cincoro tequila include other NBA governors. It seems as though this venture has caused some of them to work together on creating the best possible tequila brand.

Lakers And Celtics Governors Were With Michael Jordan During The Cincoro Gold Launch

Recently, Lakers governor Jeanie Buss and Celtics governors Emilia Fazzalari and Wyc Grousbeck were both spotted at the launch of Cincoro Gold. Lakers page @lakerchapo posted a photo of the event, joking that "Celtics and Lakers can get along."

There is no doubt that despite their rivalries in basketball, everyone involved worked in unison to put together an amazing tequila brand. Hopefully, we will see the Cincoro brand thrive in the future, and we'll have to wait to see what the reviews look like for Cincoro Gold.

Speaking from the launch of Cincoro Gold in New York City on Tuesday, the governors who partnered with Jordan said they see the NBA icon's competitive side come out "all the time" when it comes to the tequila business.

"There isn't one interaction where it doesn't come out," said Fazzalari.

According to Grousbeck, Jordan initially pitched Cincoro as a way to enjoy easy access to tequila.

"If it doesn't really work out, no one else really likes it, we're gonna have free tequila that we're gonna love," Grousbeck said of Jordan's mentality.

But once the brand began to catch on, Jordan's mentality changed.

"Or we could go for global domination," Jordan eventually said, according to Grousbeck. "That's Michael."

It is clear that Michael Jordan wants success at the highest level for the Cincoro brand. With the way he was as a player, his wanting to be competitive in the tequila business is no surprise.

Perhaps we will see Cincoro become a true household name in the future. It definitely is on the rise, and one would expect Michael Jordan to make the very best product for consumers.