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Michael Jordan's Cincoro Tequila Partners Say His Competitive Side Is Displayed All The Time: "We Could Go For Global Domination."

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Michael Jordan is known as one of the best players ever, as he dominated the NBA in the 1990s with the Chicago Bulls. He is commonly regarded as the GOAT of basketball by fans and analysts alike.

One of the things that stood out about Michael Jordan during his playing days was his competitiveness. Will Smith once even claimed that even if someone was drinking water with Michael Jordan, he'd be willing to race them in doing so.

“I love being around people with that kind of competitive energy. But Michael would compete with anything, though. If we’re drinking water, Mike would be like, ‘I’ll race you!’… You can’t beat Mike at anything. If Mike can’t beat you, he’s not going to play… I considered myself competitive till I spent time with them. It’s another level, like another command of their minds. You see why they win because of that kind of mindset.”

There is no doubting Michael Jordan's desire to win at anything and everything. Even though he no longer plays basketball, that competitive fire is still present in other parts of his life.

Michael Jordan Is Still Extremely Competitive Even Though He's Retired

Michael Jordan has been part of many interesting business ventures since his retirement. He notably owns a NASCAR team and is the face of luxury tequila brand Cincoro.

Michael Jordan's Cincoro brand has recently launched a new drink titled Cincoro Gold. During the launch, some of Michael Jordan's partners in the brand revealed that his "competitive side" is on display "all the time". Scott Davis of relayed the news.

Speaking from the launch of Cincoro Gold in New York City on Tuesday, Jordan's partners said they see the NBA icon's competitive side come out "all the time."

"There isn't one interaction where it doesn't come out," said Fazzalari.

According to Grousbeck, Jordan initially pitched Cincoro as a way to enjoy easy access to tequila.

"If it doesn't really work out, no one else really likes it, we're gonna have free tequila that we're gonna love," Grousbeck said of Jordan's mentality.

But once the brand began to catch on, Jordan's mentality changed.

"Or we could go for global domination," Jordan eventually said, according to Grousbeck. "That's Michael."

It is clear that Michael Jordan wants his tequila brand to be the best in the world. He wanted to dominate in the sport of basketball during his playing career, and it looks as though he wants to dominate in the tequila business as well.

There is no doubt that many enjoy Michael Jordan's Cincoro tequila, and it was notably a finalist for the "Best Tequila Reposado" award during the 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Hopefully, we will see the brand get even more recognition in the future.