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Michael Jordan And LeBron James' Tequila Brands Are Finalists For The Same Award

Michael Jordan and LeBron James' Tequila Brands Are Finalists For The Same Award

Michael Jordan and LeBron James go head-to-head in the GOAT debate, although at this point, most people agree that MJ is the winner of that one. However, they are both successful businessmen, and in that arena, there is another battle that the two are set to fight with the winner to be declared in June of this year. 

MJ and LeBron have their brands of tequila, Jordan's is Cincoro, and LeBron's is Lobos. James promoted Lobos quite a bit at times this season, even showing up at the 2022 All-Star Game with a small Lobos satchel around his neck. Jordan's Cincoro brand meanwhile, had earned rave reviews from experts, and fans can't seem to decide which they prefer, with a heated debate ensuing over this as well. 

Now it seems there could be a definitive answer to which tequila is better, with both Lobos and Cincoro fighting for the same award. 

After the 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition in March, ReserveBar and The Tasting Alliance announced that Cincoro and Lobos 1707 are the finalists in the “Best Tequila Reposado” category. This means Jordan and James will go head-to-head in just one more area of competition. 

As mentioned earlier, the winner of this competition will be announced in mid-June, incidentally right as the NBA playoffs are also coming to an end, so it seems that LeBron still has something left to play for despite his Los Angeles Lakers not making it to the playoffs this season. 

Michael Jordan's team, the Charlotte Hornets, didn't make it either, and while the tequila competition usually wouldn't mean too much to other people at that level, the one thing we know about MJ is that he wants to win at just about anything he can win at. The GOAT debate might carry on for a while longer, but the tequila debate is about to be settled soon.