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Michael Jordan's Used Underwear Is Being Auctioned Off For A Ridiculous Price

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Michael Jeffrey Jordan is, obviously, one of the biggest icons in sports. He was immensely popular in the 80s and 90s, to the point where even non-basketball fans were familiar with his name.

It has now been decades since MJ's prime, and while many stars have come and gone since, Michael Jordan remains a legend in the world of sports and is widely celebrated around the world.

To reflect just how popular the guy still is today, there is a rather unusual piece of his memorabilia is being auctioned off for a pretty high price tag and it might just shock you after finding out what it is.

Via Leland's Auction, a pair of MJ's underwear/compression shorts is currently for sale, with a starting bid of $500. And yes, it has been used.

Unusual item shows definite use as this pair of underwear/compression shorts was worn by Michael Jordan with some loose threads evident at the seams. Originating from a family member of MJ's "Last Dance" security guard John Michael Wozniak, it even has a dry cleaning tag inside with the last name "Wozniak" as well as a tag that says Michael Jordan, with the iconic last name on the waistband. About as close to greatness as one can get, this is just one of the many items in this auction that were given to Wozniak from MJ himself including suits, ties, belts, and jackets.

Currently, the item only has one bidder, but it is rather insane to think that anyone in the world would be willing to pay hundreds of dollars for a pair of used underwear.

Apparently, the piece is from the personal collection of MJ’s own bodyguard, John Michael Wozniak, who personally received several other clothing items from Jordan over the years.

Of course, there are still 24 days left on the auction before it closes, so the final buying price could get even higher over the next few weeks.

So, if you have any doubt about the fame and popularity of Michael Jordan, just remember that someone out there is willing to drop half a grand on a pair of his underwear.