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“MJ Is A Nice Guy. Good Guy, You Love Him, You Know, But He Just Turned Into A Different Animal When He’s Competing At Something," Says His Friend Kendall Gill

(via 247 Sports)

(via 247 Sports)

Kendall Gill has made some big revelations about Michael Jordan and the type of person he was on and off the court. The veteran guard became good friends with His Airness and he claimed that Jordan is a very nice guy when he's not playing basketball or competing to win something.

Joining former boxer Shawn Porter's "The Porter Way" podcast, Gill talked about the GOAT and told a couple of stories he lived with MJ. They never played together but had a good relationship, although Gill didn't hide his desire to box Jordan because the Chicago Bulls legend once dunked on him.

“I probably get in the ring with MJ because he dunked on me one day in the playoffs and I don’t know if you guys saw "The Last Dance, but he dunked on me in the playoffs," Gill said, as transcribed by Aditya Mohapatra of Essentially Sports.

Gill would then talk about how competitive Jordan was, telling the story of how MJ didn't want to leave Gill's house until he beat him and recovered his money playing cards.

“All that stuff about MJ is true, man, about how his competitive spirit, he’s a friend of mine. I remember one day, we were playing cards at my house, and I was beating him out of his money, we playing tough.

“And it was about 11 o’clock at night. This dude would not leave my house until he won his money back. He ended up leaving my house at 7:30 in the morning.”

As we saw in the aforementioned TLD, Jordan was a very competitive man; he never rested until he made sure he had beaten his opponent. Gill saw that firsthand both on and off the court but he made it clear that Jordan is a really nice guy; he just takes things personally when competing for something.

Gill also claimed that given MJ's mentality and talent, he would have probably won more titles than he won with the mighty Chicago Bulls.

"MJ was a phenomenal athlete, he was strong, he was really fast, his competitiveness was off the charts. He mastered the fundamentals of the game. A lot of people think Michael was fancy; but if you go back and watch his clips, he's so good at the fundamentals that it looks fancy. He had no weaknesses at all. He had no weaknesses."

Jordan was something else. He never hesitated to go forward and beat whoever was in front of him. He was an inspiration for everybody in the league and definitely at least one of the two greatest players of all time.