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Muggsy Bogues On His Toughest Matchup: "Well, You Gotta Understand That For Me It Was Like 'Everybody's Tall.' But The Toughest One Was Mark Price, He Was Steph Curry Before Steph Curry."

Muggsy Bogues

Former NBA point guard Muggsy Bogues has no All-Star appearances to his name, but he remains one of the biggest legends in Charlotte basketball history.

The 5'3" guard defied the odds by not only making it to the NBA but being a consistent contributor for 14 years before he retired in 2001.

In a rare appearance, Bogues sat down for an interview on "the Basketball Time Machine," where he opened up about his career and some of the toughest matchups he had to face.

"You gotta understand for me, everybody was tall, and everybody had a different skillset. Because of the way I liked to play and help of guys, and Mark Price was one of those deadly shooters, and he was the Steph Curry before Steph Curry. Shooting the ball from half-court and that type of skillset. Mark always made me pay anytime I left him or trying to help out the ball winds up back out in his hands, and he would drain it. That is always something that got under my skin, and I felt like I have to be glued to this guy. If not, giving space gives him confidence, especially when you see the ball going through the hoop."

Really interesting to hear his perspective.

In the 90s, the NBA was a much different scene than we're used to seeing today. It was physical, slower, and a whole lot larger.

Still, even then, there were some crazy knockdown shooters, like Mark Price.

Of course, considering his height, every defensive matchup was a tough one for Bogues and, somehow, he made the absolute most of it.