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Multiple NBA Stars Have Tried To Contact Kevin Durant After His Trade Request, But He Has "Gone Dark", According To Chris Haynes

Shams Charania Says The Suns, Heat, Raptors, Warriors Are The Frontrunners To Pursue A Trade For Kevin Durant: "But Given The Asking Price That Has Already Been Set Forth, This Is A Process That Could Take Several Weeks."

Kevin Durant's trade request shook the entire NBA world, and there's no doubt that there are multiple franchises that are trying to figure out how to get him on their roster, as he is one of the best superstars in this league.

Recently, it was revealed by Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports that there have been NBA stars that have been "trying to get in touch" with Kevin Durant, but also added that Kevin Durant has "gone dark", and that "he's not talking to anybody".

I will say this about Kevin Durant. Since he's requested a trade, there have been numerous stars that I've spoken to, numerous stars that have been trying to get in touch with him, to pick his brain and see if he would consider other avenues... just want to get a sense of what he's thinking.

KD has gone dark. He's not talking to anybody. Not answering anybody's phone calls, not responding to texts... the only time you see him get out in the sunlight is when he responds on Twitter... Guess he's hoping this process plays out the way he wants... He's pretty much not speaking with anybody right now aside from his inner circle.

It remains to be seen if Kevin Durant does open up communication with other stars in the future. It is quite possible that he ends up going somewhere unexpected, but it remains to be seen which team ends up giving the Nets the talent and draft compensation that they want. When he initially made his trade request, Kevin Durant listed the Miami Heat and the Phoenix Suns as his preferred destinations.

Hopefully, we see Kevin Durant end up at a destination where he can win more championships. He has accomplished a lot on an individual level, and all that's left is for him to win more championships to add to his resume.