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Kevin Durant Reportedly Has The Suns And Heat As Preferred Destinations

Kevin Durant Reportedly Has The Suns And Heat As Preferred Destinations

Kevin Durant has shocked the world after requesting a trade from the Brooklyn Nets today. A couple of days after Kyrie Irving decided to extend his stay at Barclays Center, Durant made a different decision and is now out of the team after three years (two on the court) with them. 

This is a huge deal for the Nets, who are trying to get the biggest return in NBA history for a generational player. Durant is one of the five best players in the league and has four years left in his current deal, so trading for him is a very good option for many teams around the association.

However, the player reportedly has a wishlist of the teams where he'd like to play next. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, the Phoenix Suns and Miami Heat are part of that list, as he tries to put himself in a better situation for the future. 

Phoenix and Miami are among two of the teams that Kevin Durant has on his wish list, sources tell ESPN, but the Nets plan to move Durant where they can get the best possible deal. With four years on his contract, there's no shortage of teams willing to unload assets for Durant.

The Nets are getting ready to part ways with their franchise players, and Woj reports that the team has made the entire roster available. 

As the Nets prepare to move one of the most valuable trade assets ever on the market, the entire roster will be available to discuss in deals, sources tell ESPN. Teams have been calling on Durant, and the Nets will certainly look for a historic return on players and draft picks.

Things started pretty intensely this 2022 NBA free agency, and this is only the beginning. KD was linked with a move away from Brooklyn amid the Kyrie drama, and now that his teammate decided to stay with the team, he's going away from those situations. He wants to win and focus only on basketball and it seems like the Nets weren't the right place for that.