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NBA Executive Claims The Spurs Should Fire Gregg Popovich

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Gregg Popovich is one of the greatest masterminds in the history of basketball. He's beloved and respected all across the NBA community and is believed to be one of the top-tier coaches to ever do it.

Popovich turned the Spurs into a top-notch organization and developed a winning culture. He set the standard for excellence around the league and his team has won 5 rings under his command. And even though he's had his fair share of talent, he's a master at finding diamonds in the rough and developing players.

However, it seems like some people around the league believe that it's about time the San Antonio Spurs part ways with their lifelong coach, according to a recent report:

"An NBA executive was asked what his first step would be if he were tasked with taking over the Spurs. His response; “Fire Gregg Popovich'," Jabari Young reported.

There has been a lot of buzz lately about the Brooklyn Nets' interest in luring Popovich away from Texas, and while most people believe there's just no way that Pop will ever coach another franchise, the fact that this report comes to light at the same moment raises a couple of questions.

Popovich has been in control of pretty much aspect of the Spurs for a very long time. Thus far, we can all agree that it's paid off. So, what does this executive mean? Maybe he knows that Pop isn't going to embrace a full rebuild by committing to tanking, maybe he just feels like it's time for a fresh mind.

What we can be pretty sure of is the fact that, if the Spurs let Popovich go, he's going to have dozens of NBA teams lining up to make him an offer.