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NBA Fans Are Pissed At Kyrie Irving After He Was Spotted Playing Pickup Football Over The Weekend

NBA Fans Are Pissed At Kyrie Irving After He Was Spotted Playing Pickup Football Over The Weekend

Kyrie Irving has caused a lot of drama due to his stance on getting vaccinated. Although he explained his point of view in an Instagram live video, it doesn't magically make him right. Staying unvaccinated is risky for Kyrie and everyone around him.

Keeping that in mind, the Nets decided to deny Kyrie being a part-time player. So until he gets vaccinated, he would stay out of the roster as the Nets try to win the 2021-22 NBA championship.

Since Irving isn't vaccinated and is not playing professional basketball right now, the Nets superstar has maybe decided to pay attention to his other interests. A video surfaced online where Irving can be seen playing pickup football. 

Many fans were disappointed with Kyrie for doing this. On the other hand, a bunch of fans also commented about TMZ violating Kyrie's personal life and shooting the video while hiding in the bushes for some reason.

Honestly, the decision that Kyrie made seems final and it is hard to see him changing it anytime soon. It was wrong for the most part, but at the end of the day he did it and the focus should be over on that. After all, he is still a human being, and he is allowed to have a personal life. 

Now shifting our focus towards what Kyrie's absence might mean for the Nets. Although the team still has two other superstars in Kevin Durant and James Harden, when Kyrie was there, it made utterly powerful.

While the Nets are still a phenomenal team, without their third superstar, they are not undefeatable per se. Teams from the Eastern Conference will see it as an opportunity to still have a shot at reaching the NBA Finals.

Franchises like the Miami Heat, Milwaukee Bucks, Philadelphia 76ers, and the Chicago Bulls will have a much better chance at making it all the way to the 2022 NBA Finals.

But it is easier said than done. For fans, it only offers more scope for entertainment in the new season. Since the competition will be harder, the excitement will increase multiple folds as well.