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Kyrie Irving On Instagram Live: "I've Been A Hooper Since I Was 4 Years Old. I Have To Speak On Things That Truly Matter To Me, Don't Believe That I'm Retiring."

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Kyrie Irving is widely viewed as a controversial figure by fans, partly due to his off-court actions. The most recent conversation surrounding Kyrie Irving is the potential of him not being able to play games for the Brooklyn Nets due to his status as an unvaccinated player. The reason for that is laws in New York City.

On a recent Instagram Live, Kyrie Irving spoke on this issue, telling people not to believe the fact that "he was retiring" and that people have to pay attention to the "real world" where people are "losing jobs" due to vaccine mandates. He was reportedly promised an exemption for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Don't belive that I'm retiring. Don't believe that I'm gonna give up this game for a vaccine mandate or saying unvaccinated... Be aware of what's being said... All these people saying all these things about what's going on with me and it's not true. Pay attention to what's going on in the real world, people losing their jobs to these mandates. People are having to make choices with their own lives which I respect, I don't want to sit here and play on people's emotions either, just use logic. What would you do if you felt uncomfortable going into the season when you were promised you'd have exemptions.

Kyrie Irving also stated that he is "choosing what's best" for him and that some things aren't about money. Whether one agrees or disagrees, it seems as though Kyrie is standing up for his beliefs.

The COVID-19 vaccination requirement in certain cities has certainly drawn controversy, and it looks as if Kyrie Irving has finally decided to state his opinion on the matter. 

The situation is certainly complicated for the Brooklyn Nets though, as they have already said they wouldn't let Kyrie Irving be a part-time player. It looks as though Kyrie Irving will remain unvaccinated and we'll see what happens next.