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NBA Fans Debate If The Lakers Should Trade Russell Westbrook: “He Is Going To Orlando Magic”

NBA Fans Debate If The Lakers Should Trade Russell Westbrook: “He Is Going To Orlando Magic”

After winning four consecutive games, many believed that the Los Angeles Lakers have finally snapped their poor form and are on the path to turning the season around. Unfortunately, it was too soon for them to think that as the Lakers have now lost back-to-back games.

In these defeats, there were two consistent things. One is LeBron James continuing to play in a phenomenal way and doing everything in his power to help the team win. The second is Russell Westbrook's struggle to contribute, well, anything to the game.

This has once again led to many sports pundits and fans taking out their anger on Westbrook. In the Lakers' recent defeat at the hands of the Sacramento Kings, Westbrook shot an embarrassing 14% from the field, of course, which led to Lakers fans flaming the point guard. Moreover, he scored just 8 points in the game!

At this point in the season, there are hardly any surprises when Russ plays like this. Even the Kings trolled him for his performance and labeled him as the 'Ice Cold Player Of The Game.' To this unfortunate label, Russ replied with confidence.

Regardless, there are no doubts that Westbrook needs to change his approach to the game. After all, he is one of the highest-paid players in the NBA and he is yet to play like that. This brings us to the major point of discussion for this article. Many are wondering if the Lakers should finally trade Westbrook and try to get some better players in return for him.

While the season is not over yet, it has become quite obvious to many that Westbrook is declining at a fast pace. Many fans shared their thoughts about whether the Lakers should look at potential trade options for him or not.

As many fans pointed out, it is pretty hard for the Lakers to find a potential trade for Russ. One fan did point out that the Orlando Magic might acquire the former NBA MVP. While it might be possible, the Magic have young guards that they might want to nurture instead of taking on the hefty contract of Westbrook.

At the end of the day, the Lakers need to find a way to make this experiment work with Russ still on the team. Once Anthony Davis is back from injury, maybe it will work in the team's favor and take off the pressure of scoring from the shoulders of Russ. But there is no surety about that either.