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NBA Fans React After Russell Westbrook Posted Only 2 Points In Lakers Debut: "He’s Definitely Gonna Average 2/7/4 This Season."

NBA Fans React After Russell Westbrook Posted 2 Points In Lakers Debut: "He’s Definitely Gonna Average 2/7/4 This Season."

Russell Westbrook made his pre-season debut with the Los Angeles Lakers on Friday night, sharing touches with LeBron James for the first time with the purple and gold. The point guard didn't have the best night, posting poor names that immediately set the alarms for the Lakers Nation. 

Brodie barely managed to score only 2 points that went along with 7 rebounds and 4 assists. He went 1-of-7 from the field and didn't try his luck from beyond the arc. The Los Angeles Lakers succumbed to the Golden State Warriors 121-114, leaving plenty of fans concerned about Russ' performance. 

After Redditor "Awkward-Speech7375" shared Westbrook's stat line, the rest of the community had big reactions to that. 

Russell Westbrook in his Lakers debut: 1/7 FG, 2/7/4 with 6 TOs, -8 in 17 minutes.

While some defended Russ, saying he is used to having bad starts, others blasted him, called him 'washed,' and predicted the 2017 MVP wouldn't lift his level this season. 




I mean preseason is the time to knock off the cobweb

Nah bro. He’s definitely gonna average 2/7/4 this season.

Or average 20/4/7 shooting lmao

I call him eastbrook when he looks lost out there

Single triples mvp

I mean it feels like everyone forgot that he’s always been a slow starter

He’ll definitely be better, but OP knew what he was doing with this post

It’s pretty funny to watch lol

Westbrook season typically goes:

1st half RS: plays terrible, Russ stans claim he has another undisclosed injury or couldn't work out in the offseason, doesn't break out of bad habits

2nd half RS: plays great, Russ stans claim something/someone was holding him back, plays completely to his strengths

Playoffs: See 1st half RS, early exit, disappointment galore

guys chill out lol. Russ always starts slow.

Damn literally anyone but Russ or Bron or harden and no one would care about statline in preseason

They are about to untrade him

LeBron is gonna age so old this year with all these knuckleheads

He looked much better in the last 5 minutes before his night finished. It's preseason and its a group of completely new guys, i'm not shocked it isn't perfect already.

Start and end the season playing like doodoo. Average a triple double in the middle.

The Westbrook Way.

Okay. I think Westbrook is overrated and don't thing LA will succeed with him this year, but you guys are wild. This is a f*cking preseason game, it's literally meaningless

Pre-season games are matches where many players get in shape for the start of the campaign. One game won't define how good or bad the Lakers and Russ will play. They are ready to reclaim their throne with a very talented team that seemingly has little to no competition in the Western Conference.

Westbrook will bounce back once the season starts, and the Lakers will make it clear they are the team to beat in the West.