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NBA Rumors: John Wall Could Sit Out The Entire Upcoming Season As Him And Rockets Work To Find Trade

John Wall

Almost just as quickly as it began, the John Wall era seems to be coming to an end in Houston.

After failing to retain James Harden, the Rockets find themselves amid a major rebuild and in a timeframe that no longer matches that of Wall.

Now, according to sources, both sides have agreed to part ways and will work together to find a new home for the 5x All-Star.

(via ESPN)

The Houston Rockets and John Wall have agreed to work together in an attempt to find a trade destination for the veteran point guard, as the franchise is committed to moving forward with Kevin Porter Jr. and Jalen Green as its starting backcourt, sources told ESPN.

With the relationship still strong between both sides, it's likely that Wall will have a say in where he gets sent. The matter of when, though, is still up in the air.

By holding out and waiting to make a deal, the Rockets can increase his trade value by swallowing another portion of his contract.

According to Danielle Lerner, it's "unlikely" that John gets traded before the deadline, meaning he could miss the entirety of the upcoming season.

Wall, 31, is still trying to find his way after a series of brutal injuries derailed his career.

The guy has played just 72 games over the last three seasons, and there remain serious questions about his durability and what more he might have left in the tank after 10 years of mileage that includes a rather troubling injury history.

Nevertheless, the former Washington Wizard is a 5x All-Star and former All-NBA level player.

One has to think, after averaging 20.6 points per game last season, that he's worth taking a chance on. Still, it might be a while before we see him play again.