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NBA Rumors: San Antonio Spurs Are 'Preparing' For Gregg Popovich’s Retirement Within 1-2 Years

Gregg Popovich

For roughly 25 years, Gregg Popovich has held his position as head coach of the San Antonio Spurs. In that time, the Spurs won five Championships amid a record-setting streak of 22 consecutive playoff appearances.

With a team-first philosophy and a strategy that allows everyone to get involved offensively, the 3x Coach of the Year winner has been widely praised and rewarded for his brilliant mind and exceptional leadership skills.

But, as with all good things, the Pop era seems to be approaching its end.

According to NBA insider Jordan Schultz, the organization has started its search for Popovich's replacement, with the expectation that he will retire within 1-2 years.

League sources say the #Spurs are preparing for Gregg Popovich’s retirement within the next 1-2 years. As he begins his 26th HC season, I’m told the organization has initiated an extensive search - both in-house and externally - into finding Pop’s replacement.

After trading Kawhi Leonard, the organization has been in a soft rebuild for a number of years now. And while the team has remained in the playoff hunt in recent years, the focus has shifted from competing for titles to building up their young talent.

No doubt, as one of the best coaches in the game, Pop will leave big shoes to fill when the day of his departure arrives. But who will the Spurs get to replace him?

Already, fans are advocating for Becky Hammon, who has worked under Popovich for years now. Despite having no experience at the head coaching level, it makes sense that the Spurs would consider her to take over after so many years of working with the franchise.

Nonetheless, the Spurs have never been a franchise to rush this sort of thing. It will be an ongoing search that Gregg himself will play a huge role in.