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New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio Tells Trae Young To Stop Hunting For Fouls

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(via Peachtree Hoops)

(via Peachtree Hoops)

Trae Young has recently stunned the city of New York by beating the New York Knicks with a game-winning floater. There is no doubt that New York's defense has some work to do on Trae Young, as the point guard has a sublime performance against the Knicks.

There is no question that Trae Young is a really good point guard, though many have criticized him due to his ability to get fouls. Part of it is due to the fact that Trae Young is simply a smaller point guard. Smaller guards often get leeway when it comes to foul calls.

The latest person to feel a certain way about Trae Young's "foul hunting" is Bill DeBlasio, the Mayor of New York City. In a video shared by Bleacher Report, we see the mayor ask Trae Young to stop getting so many fouls.

"Trae Young, on behalf of the people of New York City, and anyone who actually cares about playing basketball the right way. Stop hunting for fouls, Trae. I want to quote Steve Nash, great player, great coach. That's not basketball. That Hawk is not going to fly in New York City. Play the game the right way, see if you can win... I think the Knicks are going to teach you a lesson."

Knicksmania is back in town, and one of the biggest markets in the game is finally relevant in a playoff setting. It seems as though Bill De Blasio is just being a good fan, and just supporting his Knicks.