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New York Knicks Targeting Donovan Mitchell Is Reportedly An Open Secret Around The NBA

Donovan Mitchell

The NBA is in great hands for the future, there are a number of superstars under the age of 27 that will be entering their prime soon. However, not all the young stars are in situations that are working out for them, and when that happens, rumors are bound to pop up. Even though the Utah Jazz have been an excellent team in recent years, their lack of playoff success has been an issue, and there have always been persistent rumors about Donovan Mitchell not being satisfied. 

Mitchell has spoken earlier in the year about not being stressed in terms of his future, but there have also been persistent rumors of a potential change of scenery. The Jazz had the best record in the regular season last campaign but are currently just 0.5 games ahead of the 5th seed. And according to Knicks reporter Steve Popper, it's well known around the league that the New York Knicks are interested in bringing Mitchell to the Big Apple. 

"Around the NBA, it’s an open secret that the Knicks are targeting Utah’s Donovan Mitchell, who has New York roots and connections to Knicks front-office executives through their time at CAA."

Popper goes on to speculate about what the Knicks will have to give up in a potential trade package for the Jazz star if there is a real opportunity and questioning if it makes sense for the franchise to make such a trade happen. There have already been rumors regarding what they would have to send the other way

"Imagine what it would take to entice the Jazz to deal Mitchell when he is under contract for three more seasons. It would mean stripping the Knicks of just about every useful asset they have right now. Start with RJ Barrett and start adding young pieces and draft picks and then wonder what they would be left with to build around Mitchell."

The Knicks haven't had a proper superstar at the franchise in a long time and acquiring Mitchell would improve their prospects in the coming decade considerably. Any possible trade would definitely take a lot to get done but if the Jazz fail to advance in the playoffs once again, it's not unthinkable that Mitchell could be open to a move.