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Patty Mills Joked About How James Harden Looked When Returning To Practice: "His Hair Was Freshly Braided And Looked Very Clean And Crispy."

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James Harden

James Harden has been sidelined for some time under the league's healthy and safety protocols. He has missed the last 4 games for the Brooklyn Nets, but is slated to return for their Christmas Day matchups against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Patty Mills was recently asked about how James Harden looked during practice, with the Nets point guard having a hilarious response. Mills claimed that Harden's hair "was freshly braided and looked very clean and crispy". It is clear that the point of the question was to ask about how James Harden performed on the court during practice, but it seems as though Patty Mills had some fun with his response due to the wording of the question.

Patty Mills was asked whether James Harden practiced and how he looked: "Yes, he was here. He did practice. And what did he look like? His hair was freshly braided and looked very clean and crispy.

James Harden has averaged 20.8 PPG, 7.9 RPG, and 9.6 APG thus far this season. He has been crucial to the Brooklyn Nets offense, as he is their secondary scorer and primary facilitator. His play was definitely part of the reason that the Brooklyn Nets are currently on top of the Eastern Conference.

The Brooklyn Nets facing the Los Angeles Lakers is part of a fantastic Christmas Day slate of games, and James Harden will certainly be important to the team considering Kevin Durant is still sidelined. Hopefully, we see a "Rockets Harden" performance, as he'll need to take on a huge offensive load for the team for them to win.

The Nets are currently good, but they could become even better. It has previously been reported that Kyrie Irving has started the process to return to the Brooklyn Nets, with him reportedly being allowed to play road games. This would give the Brooklyn Nets an extra offensive weapon, and would increase their chance of making the NBA Finals.  

The Nets have obviously been stellar with just James Harden and Kevin Durant, but adding Kyrie Irving theoretically makes them unstoppable on the offensive end. Perhaps we'll see them make it to the Finals this season, and when all of their stars are playing they are the best team in the East.