Paul George Silences The Haters, Scores 31 Points In Game 4

Paul George Silences The Haters, Scores 31 Points In Game 4

With doubters and naysayers nipping at his heels, Paul George has a lot to prove this postseason. Can he step up when his team needs him most? Can he be the second-best player on a championship team? Is he a true superstar?

While much still remains to be seen, PG hushed the noise in Game 4, dropping 31 points on 6-10 shooting to help the Clippers tie the series at 2-2.

After such a rough opening season, the Clippers are slowly proving they have exorcised their demons. On Twitter, fans couldn't help but give props to PG and the way he was able to deliver in this huge win...

After receiving so much criticism from the fans and NBA community, nobody was sure how PG would respond.

But, in light of his performance in these playoffs, credit needs to be given. He is rising to the occasion and stepping up for his team. 

It's happening at the best of times, too. With the Lakers eliminated and the Nets being slowed down by injuries, the Clippers may be the best team remaining in these playoffs.

If they can stay healthy, and their stars continue to cook, it could spell good news for the franchise.