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Quentin Richardson On The Lakers: "I Give Them The Same Chance Any Other LeBron Led Team Has."

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Lakers Big 3

The Los Angeles Lakers have been inconsistent this year, and have been in the middle of the pack in the Western Conference. Despite all the star power on the roster, they have been unable to make it work thus far.

Despite a subpar start to the season, the Los Angeles Lakers still have a lot of believers. One of those people is Quentin Richardson, who claimed that the Lakers could still figure things out before the playoffs, and added that he thinks they have "the same chance that any other LeBron-led team has".

I don't think they are where they want to be, or where people thought they would be as far as right now in the season the way they're playing.

As far as the chance I give them, I give them the same chance any other LeBron led team has... Obviously we can pick and point at it, but every team from Miami to Milwaukee or whoever else will have their ups and downs... The difference with LeBron and his team is that I feel they always have a chance. We've seen it.

That could change in one game for them. Everybody play well and everybody feel good, and oh my god look out now they're about to go on a run because they all on the same page. To me, when I look at the Lakers right now, I know that this isn't the finished product. When it's winning time and it's time to get the playoffs... they're gonna be as dangerous and it's gonna be one of the toughest outs to put them out in 7 games.

It remains to be seen if the Los Angeles Lakers do end up figuring things out. LeBron James has a proven track record when it comes to making teams into contenders, and he definitely has a lot of talent on his roster. It is possible these Lakers will follow the trend.

LeBron James has previously claimed that it will be a process for the Lakers to figure things out, and perhaps that process is finally bearing fruit. The Los Angeles Lakers have won their last three games, and seem to have found some sort of a groove. Hopefully, they are able to continue winning, and maybe we'll see them become the contender many predicted they would be.