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Rick Ross Reveals Why He Believes In Jimmy Butler Leading The Miami Heat Back To Greatness: "He Showed Us What He Was Willing To Sacrifice."

jimmy butler

Jimmy Butler is known as one of the most hard-working superstars in the NBA. As the last pick in the first round, he's certainly had to work his way up the ladder to become the All-NBA caliber player that he is today. There's no doubt that he has already accomplished some things that some late first-round prospects only dream of, as he managed to lead the Miami Heat to the Finals during the 2019-20 season.

While the Miami Heat may have had a subpar playoffs just one year after their Finals appearance, they will be looking to bounce back this season. They have added some gritty veterans such as Kyle Lowry and P. J. Tucker to the roster while also retaining a key free agent in Duncan Robinson.

Rapper Rick Ross happens to be a Miami Heat superfan, and during a recent appearance on Sirius XM NBA Radio, he revealed why he believes in Jimmy Butler leading the Miami Heat back to prominence. He mentions that Butler "showed us what he was willing to sacrifice" in order to win.

I love Jimmy Butler. I love Jimmy Butler, you know, when Jimmy first came in we went all the way. We didn't bring it home, but we surprised everybody. He showed us what he was willing to sacrifice. We just gotta make sure we get all the pieces in place, and everybody get on the same accord.

It remains to be seen how the Miami Heat will do this season, but they are certainly a better and more experienced team than last season. Bubble or not, the Miami Heat still managed to make the 2020 NBA Finals, and perhaps they'll manage to do so this upcoming season. Jimmy Butler will be the key to the Heat as their superstar, and perhaps he and the Heat can surprise us all.