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Rudy Fernandez: “Real Madrid Can Compete In The NBA, For Sure."

Credit: El Desmarque

Credit: El Desmarque

There have been rumors of Real Madrid joining the NBA for some time now, but that appears to be only a dream for Los Blancos and their fans. However, according to one of their leaders, the Spanish giants can actually compete in the association, recalling the time they beat one of the best NBA teams in 2016.

“Real Madrid can compete in the NBA, for sure. We beat Oklahoma (preseason game in 2016), it was preseason for them, they were starting, traveling, etc. It has nothing to do with the regular season, but we are a great competitive team,” Fernandez said in an interview with Spanish DAZN TV, via

Rudy played in the NBA from 2008 through 2011 with the Portland Trail Blazers. He's been part of Madrid since 2012 after a short stint with the Denver Nuggets. It's been eight years since he last played in the league, but he knows what he's talking about.

Right now Real Madrid are now of the richest teams in European basketball, having one of the deepest rosters in the EuroLeague. Perhaps Rudy's words aren't that crazy and this team can have a good shot in the association.

He hasn't been the only one claiming Madrid could be good in the NBA. Charlotte Hornets center Willy Hernangomez stated that “Real Madrid is an NBA level team". They're making the case for their current and former team, but there is no doubt that the White House could have a good tenure in the NBA.