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Russell Westbrook Isn't Concerned About Being Included In Trade Rumors: "I Never Worry. Do The Job. Be Professional."

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Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook is one of the most polarizing players in the entire league. Some defend his ability, pointing his ability to stuff the stat sheet on any given night. Detractors often highlight his inefficiency, turnovers, and defense to claim that he's a negative player.

The Los Angeles Lakers haven't done particularly well this season, currently sitting at 7th in the Western Conference with a .500 record (21-21). Their subpar play has led a lot of people to suggest that Russell Westbrook should be traded, and many have criticized his fit with the rest of the roster.

Despite his name being included in trade rumors consistently, Russell Westbrook isn't at all worried. When speaking to Sam Amick of The Athletic, Westbrook claimed that his name is in trade rumors "every year", but that it doesn't affect how he approaches the game or what he does.

“I never worry,” he fired back. “Do the job. Be professional. Every year, my name is in trade (rumors). It never, never, never seeps into how I approach what I do. It’s kind of what I was mentioning back there (during the press conference). I see this game so different (in terms of) how to use it to be able to impact things.

“Regardless of if (a trade) did happen or if it didn’t happen, nothing’s going to change my mentality or my purpose. I feel like I have a purpose that’s bigger than basketball and I always keep that as my forefront regardless of what happens inside of pro sports.”

There is no question that this is a good approach from Russell Westbrook. At the end of the day, all he can control is his own play, and as he mentions, the goal is to "do the job" and "be professional".

There is certainly a possibility that Russell Westbrook will get traded prior to the deadline. However, as of now, it's best for the Lakers to focus on trying to win with this roster and trying to become the contenders they were slated to be.