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Russell Westbrook Laughs At Reporter After Suggesting He Is A Point Guard For The Lakers

Russell Westbrook

It's no secret that the L.A. Lakers have struggled to find success this season. With LeBron James one of the only players on the roster playing up to standards, the fans and media have been left looking for answers on how to improve.

To make matters worse, morale might be at an all-time low for the crew, as indicated by Russell Westbrook's post-game interview on Sunday.

Speaking to the media, the clearly dejected star laughed when it was suggested he was the point guard, hinting that he may be unhappy with his role on the team.

This clip was actually just part of a rather bizarre interview. After the team's loss, Russ seemed more troubled than usual, and his mood was clearly reflective and somber as if his faith in the team had completely vanished.

Whatever the case, this latest turn of morale will likely only enhance the rumors of Westbrook's potential departure from the team ahead of the deadline. According to sources, the Lakers have already inquired about potentially trading the All-Star guard.

Meanwhile, in Lakers Land, where LeBron James and Anthony Davis spent the summer interviewing a variety of star players who they hoped would lighten their workload, it’s Russell Westbrook’s presence that has proven to be so problematic. It’s still an awkward fit between Westbrook and the Lakers, to say the least — especially with his massive salary slot ($44.2 million this season, $47 million player option for next season).

All of which explains why sources say the Lakers showed some covert interest in discussing a possible Westbrook trade with rival executives earlier this season. A deal appears extremely unlikely before the Feb. 15 trade deadline, if only because his deal that was once seen by so many as untradeable is such a massive obstacle. But inside the Lakers, it seems, there is some recognition that this hasn’t gone as (James and Davis had) planned.

To say this season has been an ugly one for the Lakers would be an understatement. At 21-20, and 7th in the West, they have yet to re-capture the spark that helped them win a title not long ago.

Westbrook, who has had an especially tough time adjusting, has gotten the worst of the blame from fans, who continue to bash his game and contributions to the team.

It's really no wonder why he seems so dejected at the moment.