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Russell Westbrook On His Poor Offensive Performance In Game 2: "Right Now I'm Just Running Around."

(via Dunkest)

(via Dunkest)

Russell Westbrook can often be unstoppable on his best nights. In Game 7, against the Thunder, we saw a bit of what he could do when he's on his game and the Rockets are a much better team when that happens.

Unfortunately, tonight was not one of those nights for Westbrook. In fact, it may have been his worst performance in the playoffs so far.

In 32 minutes, he finished with 10 points and 7 turnovers on just 26% shooting.

It was a pretty rough night for Russ, and the NBA community has been flaming him in the hours since it ended. After the game, the disgruntled Rockets star spoke to the media, where he shared a few of his own words on the Game 2 struggles.

"Right now I'm just running around. I gotta look at film and figure out how to be effective."

It should be noted that Russ is still working his way back from injury. After missing out on ball for months, he wasn't able to ease himself back before being thrust into playoff action.

Additionally, the Rockets might not even be here at all had it not been for Westbrook stepping up and playing big in Game 7 during their series against Denver. With James Harden having an off night, it was no. 0 who led them to victory.

But if the Rockets want to win this series, and move on to the Western Conference Finals, Russ is going to have to play with more efficiency and control. He has to slow it down, especially when his shot isn't falling.

It's a good sign that he's recognizing what is happening and seems to be working on ways to improve. Let's just hope it'll be enough.