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Scott Burrell Explains How Michael Jordan Prepared Him For Life

(via CBS Sports)

(via CBS Sports)

"The Last Dance" documentary has tough us all a lot about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. It has also shown us the kind of impact they made on the community and on a lot of the players themselves.

Eight-year NBA veteran Scot Burrell recently detailed how Jordan helped change his own life, transcending the sport of basketball itself.

(via HoopsHype):

Let’s talk about that. Before “The Last Dance” came out, Michael Jordan told director Jason Hehir: “When people see the footage of [me riding Scott Burrell], they’re going to think that I’m a horrible guy.” He pushed you really hard that year. What was it like dealing with that?

SB: It was like getting taught; getting taught in a tough way. I didn’t think it was embarrassing, I didn’t think it was humiliating. I don’t have any regrets of how it went down or any second thoughts about learning from the best. I mean, I was getting tutelage from the best player to ever play, from the best team ever put together! And it was a team that won five out of seven championships before I got there, and I didn’t want to mess it up! So, I was glad to learn any way possible that was taught to me. 

Jordan has explained that he was trying to toughen you up and prepare you for a grueling postseason. Do you think his way of doing things made you tougher and more prepared?

SB: I think it prepared me for life, not just basketball. I had played with some very good teams in the past and with very good players, but it’s totally different when you play for a great player and great coaches, and you’re playing for the same goal – winning a championship. It’s totally different when that level is turned up another 100 degrees and you’re in the midst of it.

Jordan's "tough love" relationship with his teammates is often seen as a negative thing. Many, it seems, don't like the idea of being called out in an aggressive, hard-hitting way.

But for Burrell, it taught him valuable lessons about life. If some of Jordan's fearless, relentless attitude rubbed off on him, it likely helped him tackle and overcome all different kinds of challenges.

Among other things, this doc is revealing some of the secrets behind Jordan's success. While his skillet and talent for the game is unmatched, it's really his work ethic and tireless attitude that sets him above the rest. It seems Mr. Burrell understands that better than anyone.