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Seth Curry Is Reportedly Holding Back A Russell Westbrook For Kyrie Irving Trade: "Lakers Have Been Disinclined To The Inclusion Of Joe Harris, And Are Instead Seeking The Insertion Of Curry.”

Seth Curry

As NBA free agency drags on, the entire basketball world is consumed by the Kevin Durant/Kyrie Irving saga. After three years of trouble for the Nets, the stars have reached their breaking point and have asked out.

Now, there are reports of ongoing talks between the Lakers and Nets that could send Irving to Los Angeles for Russell Westbrook.

The problem is that the two teams are having trouble agreeing to terms on a deal, specifically when it comes to which players are going to be included.

(via Yahoo Sports)

Draft compensation is an ongoing talking point for the Nets and they want shooting guard Joe Harris — who is recovering from left ankle surgery — and his remaining $38.6 million owed over the next two years included in the deal, sources said.

The Lakers have been disinclined to the inclusion of Harris, and are instead seeking the insertion of sharpshooter Seth Curry as part of the arrangement, sources said.

Curry is on an expiring $8.5 million deal.

The Nets maintain discussions have only been preliminary at this point, sources said.

According to Chris Haynes, Brooklyn isn't feeling any rush or pressure to make something happen, so there is no guarantee a trade even gets done before the start of next season.

The Nets are not expected to be rushed into a deal and will continue conversing the complex specifics with the Lakers on an Irving-Westbrook swap. Brooklyn is also listening to proposals from nearly half of the league attempting to make a play on Kevin Durant, who requested a trade at the start of free agency.

Obviously, nobody knows how things will play out for the Lakers. Whether they get Kyrie Irving or Buddy Hield, offloading that Westbrook contract will be a massive win for the team.

With a plan and a backup plan, there is reason to hope if you're a Lakers fan. All they have to do now is execute one of their plans and turn their trajectory around once and for all.