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Shaquille O'Neal Isn't Ready For Tom Brady To Retire: "No Man, Get Your Butt Up And Do One More Year"

Shaquille O'Neal Isn't Ready For Tom Brady To Retire: "No Man, Get Your Butt Up And Do One More Year"

The sports world was rocked on Tuesday by a huge announcement by one of the greatest athletes to ever play when Tom Brady revealed that he would be retiring. Having won the Super Bowl 7 times, more than any franchise in the NFL, Brady called it quits after 22 seasons in the National Football League. His announcement drew reactions from across the world of sports, and while most congratulated him on his stellar career, plenty were disappointed to see him hang up his boots. 

One of the disappointed people was NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal who seemingly isn't ready for Brady to ride off into the sunset just yet. Shaq has always been one to say what he thinks directly to the person he is talking to or about, so it was no surprise to see O'Neal comment on Brady's Instagram post about his retirement suggesting that he has another year in him. 

shaq: "No man get your butt up and do one more year."

O'Neal was also appreciative of everything Tom Brady has achieved in his career, leaving a comment expressing his love for the quarterback.

shaq: "Love u bro absolute joy to watch."

He is surely not the only person that feels this way, with many expressing their sadness or even disbelief at Brady's retirement. Considering that Brady won his last Super Bowl at the age of 43 and had carried his team into the playoffs in his final year before losing heartbreakingly, it's not a huge assumption to make that he could have still played at the highest level. 

However, his decision to retire also makes sense, considering that football can be quite a volatile and rough sport at times. Regardless of anything else, Brady's slightly sudden retirement is an excellent example for basketball fans in terms of enjoying the greats while they're still playing. While he doesn't seem like he's in a rush to move on from the sport, LeBron James could be next in line as one of the greatest athletes ever to retire.