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Shaquille O'Neal Said He Deleted Tinder Because Girls Didn't Believe That Was Him: "She Said 'Shaq Would Never Be On This.’”

Shaquille O'Neal

Shaquille O'Neal was one of the most dominant athletes to ever play in the NBA. The Los Angeles Lakers legend certainly enjoyed his share of the benefits of being a superstar. From winning trophies to earning huge paychecks, Shaq has done everything.

Moreover, he has invested the money that he has earned from his career wisely and has increased his worth by multiple times. So one might wonder, what is something that the Big Diesel hasn't been able to do? Well, it seems like getting a date on one of the most popular dating applications known as "Tinder" is something that he couldn't do.

Shaq featured on the "Full Send" podcast. During the podcast, the four-time NBA champion gave a lot of useful advice to fans. Among the advice that Shaq had in store for the fans was about which dating app to use, and as we mentioned earlier, the disastrous encounter that O'Neal had on Twitter.

"Instagram is the best dating app. It’s free … I heard my good friend Gary V say that a long time ago: ‘People out there paying money for these dating apps, Instagram and TikTok the best way to meet girls.' I tried to get on Tinder, but they didn’t believe it was me. … When Tinder first came out I got on and put me, and I was like ‘hey meet me at the place.’ They were like, ‘I don’t know you, you’re not Shaq. Shaq would never do this.’ I was like ‘Call me, call me! This is my number.’ And they were like, ‘This isn’t Shaq, Shaq would never be here.'”

(starts at 51:40)

In this day and era, there are many people who are running identity scams on dating apps. So it was no surprise that the person that Shaq was talking to couldn't believe that she was actually talking to the basketball legend.

Well, this incident that Shaq revealed proves that many big-name NBA players must go through such issues in their day-to-day lives. Moreover, if it weren't for Shaq himself confirming this story, many would have a hard time believing this. 

If you are looking for more such stories from the former Lakers big man, check out his interview with Jimmy Kimmel. O'Neal revealed which of the myths about him are actually true in the interview.