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Skip Bayless: 'Kevin Durant Is The Best Player On The Planet. KD Is The Most Talented Scorer We've Ever Seen.'

Credit: AP Photo

Credit: AP Photo

Skip Bayless has named Brooklyn Nets Kevin Durant as the best player in the world at this moment thanks to his scoring talents and his size. During Friday's edition of FS1's 'Undisputed', Bayless made the case for KD as the best player on earth right now, comparing him to Michael Jordan and even putting KD ahead of His Airness in terms of scoring talent.

"Kevin Durant is the best player on the planet. KD is the most talented scorer we've ever seen. Jordan was a supremely talented overachiever, but at 6'6", he wasn't as gifted. Kevin is 7 ft. tall with an 8-foot wingspan. (...) We've never seen anything like Kevin Durant and you can say 'well, has it done at the highest level?' Back-to-back Finals, he went to LeBron's house for Game 3s, in the King's house, in his palace, and he owned those games. He made shots right in LeBron's grill, jumper after mid-range jumper. Kevin Durant is the best mid-range shooter we have seen since Michael Jordan and for him to be back-to-back Finals MVP just cemented and validated the case. Yes, he can do it at the highest level, against the King."

As usual, Bayless didn't miss the chance to take a jab at Bron. No matter what the topic is, James is always present in his debates.

KD is a great player, no doubt about it, but it's hard to find a lot of people who believe he's better than LeBron. Added to the fact that he's injured now and many fans are convinced he won't be the same KD, his move to the Golden State Warriors made him look weak in the eyes of many. The best way to prove he was the best player on this planet was to stay with the Oklahoma City Thunder or look for another challenge rather than join a 73- win team.

Yes, he's gifted, his size helps him a lot and he's a great scorer, but those things will always be a mark on Durant's resume. Perhaps, if he takes the Nets to the promised land next year fans will think differently about it, but right now only Bayless -and we don't know how else- believes Kevin Durant is the greatest basketball player on earth.