Skip Bayless: 'There Is No Way Luka Doncic Is A Top 5 Player. Lousy From 3 And FT Line. Targeted On Defense By Opponents. Whines About Every Call. Blasphemy To Compare Him With Larry Bird.'

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Once Skip Bayless targets a player, there's just no single way on earth that he's going to let it go. He's done it to LeBron James for years, and recently unleashed his wrath and free time on Damian Lillard. Now, however, it seems like he's shifted his attention towards Luka Doncic.

Skip has taken it to Twitter during Doncic's past couple of games to criticize the Mavericks' young star. He even said that the Clippers were to blame for his game-winner, as he was a terrible three-point shooter.

Over the past couple of days, Bayless has called Doncic a whiner, a bad shooter, a wolf in sheep's clothing, and even said he started the confrontation with Marcus Morris. Here, we'll show you some of his most atrocious tweets on the matter:

Bayless is a well-known bonafide hater. He also loves being on the contrary side of every narrative, so this shouldn't come as a surprise at all. Doncic is great already and the fact that he's still got room for improvement makes him even greater. Don't mind the outside noise, Luka.