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Stephen A. Smith Confused Nets Fans With His Latest Statement: “James Harden Damn Near Wants Out”

James Harden

Following the Brooklyn Nets' embarrassing defeat against the Golden State Warriors, fans are starting to question the Nets' strength. Although they still have two of the best scorers in the league on their roster, wins have not come easy, especially against the big-name franchises.

Stephen A Smith could not hold his tongue as he was utterly disappointed. On an episode of First Take, he went off on the Nets, with the majority of the blame going to Kyrie Irving.

"They don't appreciate KD, they don't value him enough. And partially because of Kyrie. Cos we all know if Kyrie there, it would be a difference."

He went ahead to drop the bomb, which has left many Brooklyn Nets fans confused.

"But Kyrie busy thinking about himself, he ain't thinking about nobody else. He left his boys hanging, and as a result KD goan be miserable, James Harden damn near wants out."

While many would argue that the Nets are struggling, given the caliber of their roster, others believe an 11-5 run and a second-place ranking on the Eastern Conference standings is a decent start. Rightfully so, occupying the second spot in the East is great, but they are grossly underperforming expectations.

At the point of writing, there is no verifiable report that suggests Harden is interested in leaving the Nets, except the words of Stephen A. But evidently, the sharpshooter is not happy with the team's performance so far.

The Nets have followed their home defeat at the hands of the Warriors with a victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers. Patty Mills had his second start for the Nets in that game, creating a formidable starting three in what could be seen as an attempt to fill the void Kyrie left.

There is no new report on Kyrie's vaccination status as the All-Star is standing his ground and the organization is not interested in having him on a part-time basis. It is business as usual for the Nets team as they have to go out every other night to win games. With Steven A stirring the pot, there will be more pressure on Harden to produce else, he runs the risk of the fans turning on him, even at Barclays Center.