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Stephen A. Smith Was Stressed Out At Madison Square Garden During Knicks' Loss To The Chicago Bulls

Stephen A. Smith Was Stressed Out It At Madison Square Garden During Knicks' Loss To The Chicago Bulls

Aside from Spike Lee, there is perhaps no bigger New York Knicks fan than Stephen A. Smith. Over the years, fans have gotten a lot of entertaining moments thanks to Smith's Knicks fandom. Perhaps the most memorable being his reaction to the Knicks missing the 1st overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft Lottery to draft Zion Williamson.

But over the last year or so, Knicks fans have had cause for celebration. After years of mediocrity and disappointment, the Knicks turned their fortunes around under Tom Thibodeau and reached the playoffs with the best defense in the NBA. But it wouldn't last, as the Knicks lost to the Hawks in the first round of the playoffs.

This season hasn't been as bad as previous years, but it has been a let-down compared to the work the Knicks did last year. And during yesterday's game against the Bulls at MSG, the Knicks were losing badly, and Stephen A. Smith was truly being tested by his team.

During the game, cameras caught Stephen A. sitting in the front row of Madison Square Garden to watch his team against the Bulls. At one point in the game, the Bulls were up by 20, and Stephen A. was looking extremely stressed out and disappointed watching his team perform so poorly.

Luckily for Stephen A., the Knicks got back into the game in the second half and had a much better showing. They still lost to the Bulls but did cut down the deficit and made it a very close game, losing by 4 points as the game ended 119-115 in favor of Chicago.

Perhaps this might replace Stephen A.'s rant on his radio show about the Knicks as a new meme. Smith's reactions to the Knicks over the years have become some of the basketball community's favorite memes. And we just got another one, coming at the expense of Stephen A. and the Knicks.