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The Chicago Bulls Are 0-15 Against The Top 3 Teams In Both Conferences

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Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls are widely viewed as a team that could potentially compete for the title due to their hot start and solid team record. They have an amazing star duo of Zach LaVine and DeMar DeRozan powering their offense, and they are currently the 5th seed in the extremely competitive Eastern Conference.

Despite the fact that they have performed well and are a playoff team, a recent statistic shows why they may not be a true contender this season. Twitter page StatMuse revealed that the Chicago Bulls have been unable to beat top-tier teams, and they are currently 0-15 against the top 3 teams in both the West and the East.

The inability to beat good teams is definitely something to be concerned about for the Chicago Bulls. The playoffs are different than the regular season, in the sense that one plays mostly good teams rather than having a mix of rebuilding and competing teams like the regular season. We have seen good regular-season teams falter in the playoffs in the past.

With that being said, there are certainly some injuries that have affected the Chicago Bulls this season. Alex Caruso has only recently returned to the team after an injury layoff, and Lonzo Ball is still out. The Chicago Bulls are still a good team when fully healthy, and they could potentially get back to the version of them that we saw during the first half of the season.

DeMar DeRozan has played at an MVP level this year, and he has clearly helped the Chicago Bulls get back to being a playoff-tier team. Hopefully, we see him and the roster figure out a way to beat top-flight teams soon. They will be playing teams like the Milwaukee Bucks and the Miami Heat in the coming weeks prior to the end of the regular season, so perhaps we'll see them win those matchups and show they can still get wins against other contenders.