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The Golden State Warriors Were Down By 17 At The Start Of The Third Quarter But Ended Up Winning By 7

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Stephen Curry

For the majority of Game 2 against the Dallas Mavericks, it looked as though the Golden State Warriors would end up losing at home. However, they managed to come back from a 17-point deficit at the start of the third quarter and ended up winning by 9 points.

Bleacher Report posted a photo of the score at the start of the third quarter as well as the ending score, and the post obviously went viral. It is clear that it was a ridiculous turnaround from Golden State Warriors, and as the Tweet says, "no lead is safe":

It's a little too early to say that the Golden State Warriors will definitely make it to the Finals, but here's no doubt that it looks that way thus far. This is a game that the Dallas Mavericks should have won, and them blowing a big lead will likely haunt them for the rest of this series. However, they can still get back into it if they win two games at home, and with Luka Doncic present on their roster, they have a good shot of doing so.

The Golden State Warriors should definitely be favored for the rest of this series. They are a talented, well-coached defensive team, with one of the best offensive players that the game has ever seen in Stephen Curry. If they were to get to the Finals, they would have to face the Miami Heat or the Boston Celtics, both of which would provide their own challenges. 

However, they cannot think too far ahead, and their goal should be to close out the Mavericks and avoid allowing them to get a foothold in this series. As a Golden State Warriors fan, it's hard not to get excited at this series though, and many people truly believe that they can win it all this year.