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The Lakers Are 0-8 Post All-Star Break When LeBron James Doesn't Score 50 Points

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NBA Analyst Says LeBron James’ 56 Points Night Was The Reason The Lakers Lost Two Consecutive Games: “LeBron James Ultimately Let One Win Cost Him Two Games And I Gotta Impart Blame.”

LeBron James isn't traditionally known as a scorer. Throughout his career, he has always been someone who impacted the game through his playmaking and setting others up.

This season though, LeBron James has had to take on an immense scoring load for the Los Angeles Lakers. He is currently averaging 29.7 PPG after the recent Lakers-Raptors game.

A recent stat shown by Twitter account StatMuse revealed just how much the Los Angeles Lakers rely on LeBron James' scoring ability. The Los Angeles Lakers are 0-8 since the All-Star break when LeBron James doesn't score 50 points, which shows just how dismal their offense is without him.

LeBron, who was a game-time decision, just played 40 minutes in the 2nd game of a back-to-back. The Lakers are 0-8 since All-Star break when he doesn’t score 50 points. Doesn’t seem ideal.

LeBron James has previously expressed frustration at the fact that he's never been considered among the best scorers in history. With the way he's been playing recently, perhaps more people will start considering him among the best scorers of all time.

“The crazy thing is I’m not like a natural scorer,” James said. “I love getting my guys involved, I’ve always been that way. The point of seeing my teammate succeed off my pass. I’ve always been that type of guy. And to sit on top of the food chain in the most points scored in the history of the game is like it’s weird to me. When they talk about the best scorers of all time, they never mention my name. It pisses me off. They don’t ever bring my name to it.”

There is no doubt that even with LeBron James' scoring, the Los Angeles Lakers have struggled this season. It is unfortunate that he has to drop 50 points for them to win games currently.

Hopefully, the Los Angeles Lakers finish the season strong and potentially make a run to the playoffs. Anthony Davis could potentially help their chances, and his return could not come sooner.