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The Lakers-Clippers Game On December 3rd Will Be Removed From National TV In Favor Of Warriors-Suns Rematch

LeBron James

Whenever the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers match up, there is always some excitement from fans worldwide, but also in the city of Los Angeles. Those two are generally considered big-market teams who are city rivals, and with that comes a lot of attention. 

While the Lakers-Clippers game is certainly an exciting matchup, it has recently been announced that their upcoming game will not be broadcast on national television, as ESPN has elected to broadcast the rematch between the Warriors and the Suns.

You usually don't see the Lakers getting swapped out of national TV games. But here it is. On Friday, ESPN will now broadcast the Warriors-Suns game instead of the Lakers-Clippers game

It is unfortunate that the Los Angeles Lakers have missed out on an appearance on national television, but ESPN's decision makes sense. The Warriors-Suns game will be a tiebreaker for the best record in the league, and both teams look far ahead of other Western Conference playoff teams. The Suns-Warriors matchup will also feature a battle between two great point guards in Stephen Curry and Chris Paul. Meanwhile, the Lakers and the Clippers have struggled to start the season, with them starting off 12-11 and 11-11 respectively. 

However, the Los Angeles Lakers will get another national TV game to make up for it, as their game against the Minnesota Timberwolves on December 17th has been selected to replace the Bucks-Pelicans game.

On Dec. 17, ESPN will broadcast the Lakers-T-Wolves game instead of the Bucks-Pelicans game

The Los Angeles Lakers have the potential to be one of the most entertaining teams in the league. They have Russell Westbrook, LeBron James, and Anthony Davis on the same roster, and all of those players are appealing to watch. While the Lakers as a whole have been inconsistent throughout the season, many have faith that they can turn it around.

LeBron James has recently been cleared from health and safety protocols, and that is certainly beneficial for the Los Angeles Lakers. They are in the 6th seed currently, and could easily improve to being in a higher position with a win against the Clippers. Perhaps they'll be able to do so, with all of their stars present.