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The NBA Is Reportedly Reviewing Anthony Edwards For His Homophobic Instagram Story To See If Any Discipline Should Be Levied

The NBA Is Reportedly Reviewing Anthony Edwards For His Homophobic Instagram Story To See If Any Discipline Should Be Levied

The platform of being an NBA star is a huge one, many people are constantly keeping an eye on every action that a player takes. When a young player gets on, sometimes this can become a problem. The age of social media has only made matters worse, as Minnesota Timberwolves man Anthony Edwards recently discovered. 

Edwards shared a video on Instagram that resulted in major backlash for the youngster. He filmed a group of men standing by the side of the road, making homophobic comments about them without being prompted. This isn't something that sets a great example for the people that look up to Edwards, and the player himself was quick to release an apology very soon after the incident went viral. 

However, the repercussions of it may not be fully evident for Ant just yet, what he shared showed a serious error in judgment. The NBA has strived to be inclusive towards all minorities for a long time, an initiative that the league cares deeply about. One of the major young superstars doing something like this is a bad look for the league, and that might be bad news for the young star. 

Anthony Edwards' Homophobic Instagram Story Is Reportedly Under Review By The NBA

As per Minnesota Timberwolves writer Chris Hine, the NBA is looking into the matter while considering whether any disciplinary action might be levied on Edwards. The writer suggested what type of punishment Edwards might be subjected to, citing past references of when stars in the league have made similar transgressions. 

"Edwards, 21, could be subject to league discipline in the form of a fine or suspension. Past punishments for such remarks have usually been fines.

"The league fined Denver center Nikola Jokic $25,000 for a homophobic remark he made in 2018. It fined Brooklyn forward Kevin Durant $50,000 in 2021 for homophobic comments he made. Then-Sacramento guard Rajon Rondo was suspended a game in 2015 for directing homophobic comments toward an official."

While what Edwards said and did was a little distasteful, this could be an opportunity for the promising young star to learn from his mistake and grow. The NBA has a proud history of players standing up and speaking out against discrimination, and Edwards has every chance of continuing that legacy further. While it's unlikely that he will be suspended for any games, the aim will be to discourage further behavior along these lines from other players.