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Anthony Edwards Gets Blasted By Fans After Posting Homophobic Video On Instagram: "Man Why The H*ll Would He Post That?!"

Anthony Edwards Who Previously Took A Shot At Rudy Gobert, Welcomes Him To Minnesota: "Let's Get It SACCCCC"

Minnesota Timberwolves young star Anthony Edwards is under fire right now after posting a very questionable Instagram story, making fun of what appeared to be a group of gay men. Edwards has been a fan favorite since he made it to the NBA two years ago, always boasting confidence in himself and his team, speaking his mind whenever he had the chance, and making people laugh with his comments. 

However, not everything he says has to be celebrated, and NBA fans realized it after the talented shooting guard shared a questionable Instagram story, expressing a blatant homophobic comment on a group of men who were enjoying their night. 

Ant was in a car, rolled down his window, and recorded these people making a terrible comment while a woman laughed at it. 

"Look at these queer a** ni**as, man," he said. 

NBA Fans Blast Anthony Edwards For His Homophobic Comments 

Edwards has gotten a pass to say he's one of the best players in the league for saying he should have succeeded in every sport, but this time, he took things too far, and fans instantly called him out for his questionable comments. After Redditor 'IHateNull' shared the video, everybody was pissed with the former Rookie of the Year candidate. 

Diversity training getting assigned on Friday.

He needs to go the Tim Hardaway route now lol

This is gonna be way worse because at least when Tim held those beliefs, a lot of the broader society shared his thoughts. Nowadays Edwards still thinking like this makes him look just awful.

Rip Ant's golden boy status on here. Lasted a good 3 months

Why yall think there arent openly gay players?

Man why the hell would he post that?!

Cause he doesn't think he's in the wrong.

Nah, a lot of these guys absolutely know that it's wrong. They just think they are untouchable.

He’s an NBA player, they’re all like this, and most of them - I guarantee- are much much worse

I always felt like he was gonna say some wild shit eventually… I just didn’t think it would be this.

First big drama for him, expecting a pr apology soon

Bro from Atlanta, you should have known better. always fumbling the fucking bag dammmit 😭

Bet half the league if homophobic, they just don’t put it on their stories

Knew this dude would say something that would get his ass in trouble lol

NBA player is homophobic, what else is new lol

It boggles my mind how literally anyone under the age of 40 who grew up in the Atlanta area be homophobic.

You must have some seriously closed off social circles, or be an idiot.

Or both, like Ant here.

I just lost a ton of respect for Ant, damn man. That’s a no for me dawg, not gonna be rooting for ya.

It's unclear what led Ant to make his comment, but it's pretty obvious not everybody would have supported that. Times have changed, and those attitudes are unacceptable right now. Just like Tim Hardaway took accountability for his past mistakes when addressing gay people, perhaps Edwards can learn now and make better decisions in the future.