The Only Time Kobe Bryant's Grandma Watched Him Play Live Was When He Scored 81 Points Against The Toronto Raptors

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(via Los Angeles Times)

(via Los Angeles Times)

Kobe Bryant left a lot of good stories to tell when he sadly passed away last January 26. The Los Angeles Lakers legend lived a lot of good and not-so-good moments during his career but one of the best happened in 2006 when he scored the incredible number of 81 points. Kobe had a terrific game that night and it takes another dimension when we learn the whole story behind that magical performance.

Curiously, that was the first and only game that Kobe's grandma attended. It was a very meaningful game for the Black Mamba since it was his grandfather's birthday and Kobe didn't want to underperform. In an old interview, Kobe revealed the secret meaning behind that game. Kobe told sports reporter Graham Bensinger in one interview.

“The day that I actually scored 81 was my grandfather’s birthday, who had passed away a few years before. My grandmother, who had never seen me play because her nerves can’t take it, flew out California and she came to watch me play for the first time and the only time.

“And that just so happened to be the night I scored 81.”

Kobe broke a series of records that night and the Lakers earned a 122-104 win over the Raptors. The Black Mamba made history that night thanks to a big inspiration from his grandmother.