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Three People Shot Near Deer District Outside Fiserv Forum Towards The End Of Game 6, 29-Year-Old Man In Custody

Three People Shot Near Deer District Outside Fiserv Forum Towards The End Of Game 6. 29-Year-Old Man In Custody

Three people were shot near Deer District outside of Fiserv Forum as Game 6 was winding down between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Boston Celtics. Thankfully, none of the three individuals suffered life-threatening injuries. The Milwaukee Fire Department said that two of the individuals were transported to a hospital while the third one managed to drive there by themself:

"The incident took place outside of the Deer District area," Milwaukee Bucks Chief Communications Officer Barry Baum said in a statement to ESPN. "We direct all questions to the Milwaukee Police Department."

The police have a 29-year-old man in custody for the matter, and more information should be revealed shortly. The Deer District had served as a gathering spot for a watch party during the Bucks' run to the title last season and it was announced pre-game that the place had hit its 11,000 capacity for the event.

Witnesses claimed that they heard gunshot noises in the final minute of Game 6 which saw the Bucks lose 108-95 to the Celtics. It understandably sent the place into a panic, with fans hurrying to exit the area.

It has marred what was a great game of basketball and what has been a great series thus far. We can only hope that the perpetrator gets due punishment for the crime and that such life-threatening incidents can be avoided completely in the future.

Better care needs to be taken by organizers at the event to ensure that the fans attending aren't at any risk. The team had set up metal detectors outside the bars and other entrances to the stage outside the arena, so it remains to be seen how the individual in question managed to sneak in the firearm to commit the act. We now await further details on the matter from the Bucks and Milwaukee PD.