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Tracy McGrady Reveals The Only Way To Fix The Lakers: "Russ Has Gotta Come Off The Bench."

Tracy McGrady Reveals The Only Way To Fix The Lakers: "Russ Has Gotta Come Off The Bench."

When the Los Angeles Lakers traded for Russell Westbrook, the expectations from him were very high. He was expected to fulfill the role of a third superstar on the Lakers alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Although Russ had a few good games here and there, he never looked completely settled in with his new team. Adding more trouble to that was AD was not healthy for most of the season, which resulted in LeBron essentially being alone for most of the season.

To be honest, during his prime, Russ was a sensational player. He could demolish any opposition and lead his team to amazing victories. Sadly, it is becoming evident with each passing season that Russ is declining at a very high pace. Despite that, he is good enough as a player to play a supporting role on a championship-caliber team.

Additionally, he could improve his defense and become a defensive leader for the Lakers. But it all starts with Russ accepting this fact and agreeing to coming off the bench next season. NBA Hall of Famer Tracy McGrady recently talked about this very thing and pointed out that Westbrook coming off the bench could solve all the problems for the Lakers.

(Starts at 0:20):

"I don’t like that group, I don’t like Russ, Bron, and AD, I don’t like that trio. I love Russ as a player, but I don’t like him with those two. Because both of them need the ball. Russ to me is not a guy that you just put in the corner… Russ needs the ball. ... The only way it's gonna work, Russ has gotta come off the bench. That's the only way to work bro. With them in the starting lineup together... I'm talking about for it to work, I don't see him doing it."

McGrady might have suggested it as the solution to all the Lakers' woes, but he still believes that Westbrook will not accept it.

Honestly, if Russ leads the second unit for the Lakers, he will control the ball. That's the only way we have seen him thrive. He's not someone who can be used as a spot-up shooter. He needs the offense to go through him. The best way to do it would be to assign him to the 2nd unit.