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Trae Young Responds To Fake Draymond Green Quote On Twitter: "I Think We'd All Love (Maybe Not) To See Draymond As A No. 1 Option"

Trae Young Responds To Fake Draymond Green Quote On Twitter

Trae Young has dragged himself into a fight with Draymond Green over something Green never said. Considering how athletes are taking to Twitter after being eliminated from the playoffs, Young decided to do the same after a fake quote attached to Draymond Green ripped into Trae and his struggles in the 2022 Playoffs.

The quote was circulated by a new page 'Buttcrack Sports'. This is a spin-off of the notorious Twitter account, Ballsack Sports, that shares fake quotes that look officially edited, causing people to believe they are real and share them. While the names would suggest it's not a page to be taken seriously, but they have caused many fake stories to make it to major networks like ESPN.

Trae Young is the latest victim of 'the crack' as the page called it, sharing the aforementioned Green quote shared by the page. The quote goes into Trae and makes direct comparisons with Steph Curry, ending the quote with 'Steph would never', referring to Trae's performance against Miami in the playoffs.

Trae Young Calls Out Draymond Green

Trae has since deleted the response, meaning he realized he fell for a fake quote. While what Draymond said was fake, Trae inadvertently has taken some very real shots at Green's lack of offensive prowess. The players will most likely settle any squabbles over this in person, but this was a monumental goof up from Trae.

The one thing that stays true no matter who says it is that Young folded against the Miami Heat. He struggled to figure out the Heat defense, as Miami perfectly game-planned to contain his offense. 

Young averaged 15.4 points, 6.0 assists, and 5.0 rebounds over the five games against Miami, a massive drop-off from how he played in the season and during the 2021 Playoffs. The only redemption for Young will come back out on the court, so we have to wait until October to see how Trae bounces back from this.