Vernon Maxwell Blasts Utah Jazz After Playoffs Elimination And Says Donovan Mitchell Should Leave The Utah Jazz: "Houston, Charlotte, Philly, Zimbabwe, Hell Even OKC."

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

2x NBA champion Vernon Maxwell never misses a chance to diss the Utah Jazz, and Friday night was perfect for him to blast the team again. After the Los Angeles Clippers completed a 25-point comeback to win Game 6 of their second-round series, the Houston Rockets legend was incredibly happy. 

Maxwell has repeatedly stated that he can't stand the Jazz, and as soon as he had the chance to trash them, he went for it. Following the game, he took to Twitter to show his respect to Donovan Mitchell while blasting his team, claiming that the shooting guard deserves to be in a better place. 

"My heart goes out to the Utah players especially Donovan Mitchell who is a class act. One of the few guys who makes his shoes affordable. You deserve to be in a better place. Houston, Charlotte, Philly, Zimbabwe, hell even OKC."

Moreover, he mocked the Jazz for recording the league-best record during the regular season before going down in the second round of the playoff. He even offered some sort of consolation prize for their fans. 

Maxwell has said very harsh things to the Jazz and their fans, even saying that their biggest accomplishment is poisoning Michael Jordan in the 1998 NBA Finals. This man simply can't stand the Jazz that will never change.