Vernon Maxwell Roasts The Utah Jazz Fan Base: "You Farm Animals From Utah... Your Biggest Accomplishment Is Food Poisoning MJ.'

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(via The Hive Sports)

(via The Hive Sports)

The Utah Jazz are having a pretty impressive season. Through the first quarter of the 2021 campaign, they have the league's best record, standing at 26-6 in the West.

While the rest of the world stands in awe of their performance so far, 2x NBA Champion Vernon Maxwell isn't as impressed. On Twitter, the former NBA shooting guard absolutely laid into the franchise and their fan base, calling them "farm animals," the "worst place in the world to play," and insisting that their biggest achievement is giving Michael Jordan a bad case of food poisoning.

Surprisingly, many fans were on board with the criticism with some even calling for the franchise to be moved to Seattle.

Utah isn't the only place that players have encountered racism or discrimination in the past. It exists almost everywhere, in fact.

But there does seem to be a common theme of hate emulating from Utah, as a whole lot of players have described having bad experiences in the area -- and Mr. Maxwell is clearly one of them.

As for the situation with Jordan, that is a reference to the 1997 Finals, when some pizza delivery drivers in Utah may, or may not have, tampered with a slice MJ ordered from his hotel. It resulted in the infamous "flu game" that is still so widely remembered today.

No doubt, the Jazz don't have much going for them in terms of Championships. In fact, they've won zero titles since their existence.

This season, however, the team looks in a particularly great position to finally break through the glass ceiling and being to warp the reputation of the franchise and their enthusiastic fan base.