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Video: Dejounte Murray Fakes Out Paolo Banchero And Dunks On Him During Summer Run

dejounte murray paolo banchero

Dejounte Murray is one of the best point guards in the league, and there's no doubt that he has a fantastic skillset. While he isn't necessarily known as a top-tier scorer, he can definitely do so if required, particularly from near the rim and in the midrange area.

Recently, a clip of Dejounte Murray faking out Paolo Banchero in a basketball run went viral. Murray is shown to blow by his original defender, switching onto Paolo Banchero. The point guard then throws a pump fake to get Paolo Banchero in the air, then a pass fake, and eventually passes the ball to himself off the backboard to dunk on the Magic rookie. Furthermore, Dejounte Murray is also shown to be talking some trash to Paolo Banchero, doing the "too small" gesture after the dunk and throwing the ball.

There is no doubt that this was a fantastic move by Dejounte Murray, and he clearly got the better of Paolo Banchero there. We have seen him best, even the top defenders in the league, though, so it's no surprise that he managed to pull something like this off in a summer run.

This offseason, Dejounte Murray was moved to the Atlanta Hawks by the San Antonio Spurs. The Hawks gave up a good number of draft picks to acquire him as a backcourt partner for Trae Young, and it's clear that the franchise believes in the potential of that partnership. The team also has solid complementary players on the roster, such as John Collins, Bogdan Bogdanovic, and Clint Capela.

It remains to be seen if Dejounte Murray will end up bringing a championship to Atlanta. However, there's no doubt that he's a good addition that will relieve some of the offensive load on Trae Young, and the Hawks will likely be a good team in the Eastern Conference next year.