Video: Kawhi Leonard Was Turned Into John Rambo In Hilarious Edit

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kawhi rambo

Kawhi Leonard has unintentionally become a living meme. The Los Angeles Clippers player is a fun guy even when he doesn't intend to be one, earning the love and respect from plenty of fans around the league. 

Although some criticize him for several reasons, Leonard is still a beloved guy. Somebody with a lot of free time and a big imagination thought it was a good idea to turn the Klaw into John Rambo, creating one of the funniest edits ever. 

Of course, NBA fans reacted to this, laughing at the video, saying Kawhi looks like NFL star Russell Wilson and more. 

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NBA fans always find a way to create exciting content. This is a big example of that. Leonard's face really fits the video, and you just can't stop watching. 

Meanwhile, he's trying to channeling his inner John Rambo to destroy the Utah Jazz in the second round of the 2021 NBA playoffs. 

It remains to be seen if he pulls that off. However, who really pulled it off was the fan that created this incredible piece.