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Video: Kyrie Irving Works Out At Camp Hosted By Lakers Assistant Coach

Video: Kyrie Irving Works Out At Camp Hosted By Lakers Assistant Coach

Kyrie Irving is having a very productive summer. After failing to agree on a contract extension with the Brooklyn Nets, Irving set into motion one of the most chaotic storylines of the offseason. The lack of an extension for him meant that Irving will look to move out of Brooklyn either via trade or as a free agent at the end of the season. 

Kevin Durant's trade request was reportedly motivated by the Nets' treatment of Irving. Kyrie now needs to wait until KD gets traded to see doors open up for him and there is one very obvious team waiting on the other side to acquire Irving the second they can. That team is the Los Angeles Lakers.

Irving has close ties to the Lakers. While everyone will comment on the connection between him and LeBron James, a deeper relationship in LA for Kyrie is the one with assistant coach Phil Handy. Irving skipped the Drew League to help out Handy at a basketball camp and has been spotted doing the same for the coach again. 

Handy coached LeBron and Kyrie in Cleveland as well. He has always been an assistant coach in these situations, but is massively respected by the players and other coaches around the league. If LeBron and Kyrie were to reunite, Handy will be crucial in helping the 2 stars avoid conflict with each other.

The trade rumors between LA and Kyrie have gone cold since the Lakers have been unwilling to give up 2 first-round picks for a player they can sign for nothing next offseason. 

Whether Kyrie will play this season in a Brooklyn jersey is unknown, as the team looks to find possible trades for Kevin Durant first. If both stars were to return for a season to Brooklyn, the Lakers will most likely have to wait for next season to get Kyrie and could possibly reinforce their team with other players right now.